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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  July 9, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. oakland police want to find the gunman who left five people wounded. >> attack happened last night outside regal cinemas in jack london square. >> amy hollyfield is there. what is the city saying about this? >> reporter: the city is being quiet after a big shooting happened in a large crowd last night. we haven't heard back from the mayor's office, the police department or from jack london square. the people who live and work down here are talking about
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it. it is known for restaurants, bars and family events, not for crime. last night's shooting came as a shock. >> surprised. kind of a tricky area every time they start to build it up like nothing happens. there's a lot of empty real estate. it would would be nice to have it happen, sorry to hear about that. >> reporter: five people were shot in front of the regal cinemas around 9:30 last night. people who were here describe the scene as chaotic. >> bunch of kids going to see spider-man. car pull up and start shooting. >> reporter: then what happened? >> everybody start running and i hid and that was it. >> reporter: the victims survived. oakland police haven't made any arrests. no one from the police department or mayor's office is commenting. those who live and work here are reacting this morning with
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concern. >> it is supposed to be an area that [ unintelligible ] to come and get you know, for fun not to come and do shooting. maybe we should have more police around here it >> reporter: just spoke with tourists, they are visiting from new jersey and new orleans. they heard the shots in their hotel room last night, said it was scary. i spoke with the business owner of the barbecue place, she is hoping this is an isolated incident and people will still feel safe coming down here. lots of people talking about it. we are still waiting to hear what the mayor has to say. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. jury selection is underway in the civil trial of a former software company owner convicted of murdering his wife in the oakland hills in 2006. hans reiser is acting as his own attorney again he is
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serving 15 to life in prison. his children has filed a wrongful death against their father for the murder of their mother. he led authorities to her body. the children are living with their grandparents in russia and not expected to attend the hearing. their attorney believes he may be hiding money. the trial is expected to last one week. wildfire in the mendocino national forest has grown significantly driven by hot, dry conditions. the fire has burned an estimated 2500 acres. the mill valley, mill creek and lake campground all evacuated and closed over the weekend. the fire started saturday afternoon, it is only 10% contained. several roads have been closed the cause is under investigation. caltrain going high-tech to help commuters know when their trains will arrive and depart. it started testing the new system in the past hour and offers real-time information.
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katie marzullo joins us from king and fourth. how is it going? >> reporter: the testing is all systems go as of 10 a.m.. we haven't heard it here but it is happening at different stations at different times throughout the week. when the system is fully operational, hopefully, it will eliminate guessing and waiting. if you are lucky you might catch an announcement that your caltrain is late. >> we don't have anything at all right now. this is a big step for us. >> reporter: from no system to real-time information. by the end of the year message boards and audio announcements will tell commuters where their train is >> locomotives already have gps there's sensors in the tracks so that combined with the gbs sent to our dispatching center where they calculate to determine the location of the train. >> reporter: the first round of testing is sporadically at stations this week from 10
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a.m. until 3 p.m.. riders are ready. they say it will help better plan their commute. >> if i know the train is going to be late beyond a certain point i can continue driving to my work. >> anything that caltrain can do to improve notifying passengers waiting on platforms end leslie, without delay, would be great. >> -- making connections from the train is an issue. i'm like five or ten minutes late for that connection which makes me late for work. >> reporter: the system will provide real-time information on the website as well as give customers e-mail and text alerts. >> i think it will be -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: there's another round of testing scheduled for august and september. again, the system is due to go live before the end of the year. katie marzullo, abc7 news. right now a groundbreaking ceremony on a new air traffic control tower at san francisco
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international airport. secretary of transportation ray lahood and mayor lee are among the dignataries at the event breaking ground on a tower. this is time lapsed animated video of the project posted online. faa says the project will create jobs and increase safety. new tower is expected to be completed in 2014. internet service providers say they effect few customers to be affected by a computer virus after warning. the fbi stopped the hackers last november and authorized service to allow infected computers to keep running normally. those serve scheduled to expire midnight potential lay effecting 64,000 computers in the -- in the united states of the leading internet service providers say they worked with customers to help remove the malware or reconnect them to the internet.
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we just got a court decision on whether governor brown's tax initiative will again top spot on the november ballot. another story that could affect your taxes. president obama today pushes for the continuation of federal tax cuts, but not for everyone. many children beg for a family pet. why now maybe a good time for parents to get that dog or cat.
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governor brown just won a
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court victory. lawmakers passed the budget last month that included a one-time provision that puts the governor's tax measure at the top of the november ballot a judge just upheld that law this morning. a los angeles attorney sued to put her own initiative ahead of the governor's. the attorney now has until the end of the day to respond to the court ruling. election experts say a tax measure has a better chance of passing if it is near the top of the ballot. president obama calling on congress to extend bush era tax cuts for middle class in a speech this morning, the president proposed one year extension on tax cuts for people earning less than $250,000 a year. the cuts set to expire for everyone the end of the year the president does not want them extended for the wealthy. >> the president: if congress doesn't do this, millions of american families, including these good-looking people behind me, could see their taxes go up by $2200, starting
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january 1st, of next year that. would be a big blow to working families. >> mitt romney's campaign calls mr. obama's plan a massive tax increase. republicans want to extend the tax breaks for everyone, including the very wealthy. both campaigns fighting for donor dollars. the democratic raised 71 million dollars in june that was far less than the 106 million dollars raised by mitt romney and the republican party during the same period. it is the second straight month that romney has raised more money than president obama. the 2012 presidential election is poised to be the most expensive in u.s. history. the first openly gay member of congress is now the first to marry hisst partner. barney -- his same-sex partner. barney frank married his
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partner. the couple met at a 2005 fundraiser. frank a democrat is retiring the end of his term after more than three decades in office. we check in with lisa in for mike. talk about microclimates, 54 if the city, 83 in antioch. a 39° spread across the bay. clouds will left here only limited warning around the bay. heatwave still on the way. stranded passengers on a spirit airlines flight. why it took 19 hours to get from los angeles to ft. lauderdale? the perfect honor for pitcher matt cain. the only giant to ever pitch
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a bit of hollywood news. tom cruise and katie holmes have quickly reached a settlement in their divorce. her attorney says an agreement has been signed putting an end to a romance that began in 2005. details have not been released. she filed for divorce less than two weeks ago and requested sole custody of the couple's daughter.
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she has moved into a new york city apartment. there are reports that cruise has not seen suri since the filing. lance armstrong is asking a federal court to block the latest doping charges against him. he argues the u.s. anti-doping agency violates the constitutional rights of athletes. the agency says more than 10 former teammates and team officials will testify that armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs during his career. armstrong says he's . the former champion could be banned from the sport for life and stripped of his tour de france victories, if found guilty. matt cain has received a perfect honor this morning. manager of the nl all-star team has selected cain to be the starting pitcher of tonight's game. a perfect game is when no
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batter from the opposing game gets on base. lisa argen is here you -- it is really chilly. you can find the sun and it will warm up. this tells the story beautiful shot with low clouds and fog still lingering. they are going to be at the coast much of the kay live doppler, mist and drizzle, san jose -- nice and sunny, beautiful day you are going to warm. yesterday were you in the 70s today 80s. we are looking at plenty of low clouds and fog that marine layer still hugging much of the east bay and san francisco and it is going to stay along the shoreline if you are planning ongoing to the coast you know what to expect, chilly with 60s there.
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81 in los gatos, 70s towards our east bay and still chilly here although brightening up in gilroy, 71. 58 in santa cruz right now. breezy winds concord out by the delta and fairfield this is what is going to keep temperatures comfortable in our east bay valleys today. with the breeze throughout, we'll manage 80s not gonna see any hot, hot weather we are going to save that for tomorrow and wednesday when that bubble of high pressure moves our way, west wind at sfo allowing for airport delays and pretty breezy, chilly afternoon. clouds lingering at the coast, sunny and pleasant today, san francisco sunshine. tomorrow hot mid 90s to 100°. inland you are going to warm up four to six degrees. look at this fog, going to take another couple of hours to erode. once it does, we'll have that 40° spread from the coast to inland valleys. tomorrow here's where a 10°
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warm-up is going to take place. mainly in the east bay about five degrees of warming in the santa clara valley today, mix of upper 70s to low 80s. nice out there from the south bay 82 los altos, 76 menlo park. anywhere along the coast, fog, mist, drizzle. 67 sauce -- fog will hang close to san francisco throughout the day, breezy, cool, 75 san rafael, near east bay, 70 oakland, 78 fremont. inland valleys 89 pleasanton, monterey bay sunny still cool, 62. overnight tonight low clouds and fog with low 50s around santa cruz and the look ahead is looking like we are going to continue to see warm weather, just a mini warm-up then cooler weather for the end of the workweek. aids walk san francisco will be held in just six days
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sunday july 15th, in golden gate park to register call 415-615-walk or visit hopefully nice weather for that. a cross country trip turned into a terrible long flight for more than 100 passengers onboard a spirit flight from los angeles to ft. lauderdale. it happened after an elderly blind man threw a tan -- tantrum onboard the 81-year-old man began kicking and screaming in mid flight the pilot had to make an emergency landing in houston. once the man was taken off the plane sat on the tarmac with no air conditioning passengers were furious the airline told them it would shuttle them to florida by bus. >> he went no! no way, no way. it took them 25 minutes after to come back and tell us that they were gonna have a plane for us. >> oh boy. you know how hot it has been
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there. they finally may it to ft. lauderdale 19 hours after leaving los angeles. spirit airlines is trying to make good-bye giving all passengers a full refund. new study shows children growing up with furry friends could stay healthier. 400 children from birth to first birthday who grew up with cats or dogs had fewer ear infections and respiratory problems they say kids with pets needed less medication even we sick families with dogs that went outside fared the best researchers speculate the dirt animals track in may stimulate their children's immune system. but more research needed. "good morning america" fans starting in less than two hours from now you can enjoy all the fun of the morning show in the afternoon. >> at 1 p.m. you can watch good afternoon america hosted by josh elliot annular spencer. >> here's a little taste of
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the -- and lara spencer. there's a little taste. >> good afternoon america >> we like to call it gaa.
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good afternoon america. >> it is gonna be fuggedaboudit. -- good afternoon america! >> wow! >> that looks like fun. legend liza minnelli will perform on today's show >> you can catch all the fun every day at 1:00 right here. joking about the initials gaa. >> like a nickname gaa. still working on that. still ahead, >> since you can't go to mars nasa is
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today at 4:00, these twins were born in two different countries, we'll explain. and then at 5 what is behind explosion of cell phone surveillance? those stories and more later today. finally, this morning nasa released new stunning picture of mars. >> the image was pieced together using 817 snaps taken by the mars explorer opportunity over four months. >> nasa says the images emphasize the differences between materials in the scene. >> scientists dubbed it the next best thing to being on the planet. >> meteorologist lisa argen one final check on weather.
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look at temperatures right now they range from the 50s in the city with mist and drizzle, 83 in antioch, 64 around san jose. monterey sunshine we are planning on a 90 inland valleys, heat comes tomorrow and wednesday for inland valleys. that is going to do it for us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> reminder, just like abc7 news on facebook and you can make a difference for bay area foster kids in need. for every new like we get this summer one dollar goes to the summer one dollar goes to the sleep train dream campaign. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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